KeraKone 2

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KeraKone 2 is a development of our original KeraKone design. It is a multi-spherical back surface Keratoconus lens and takes advantage of a well-established approach to keratoconic lens fitting through adaptive design and optic zone control.


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When to use

  • First fit for irregular corneas such as Keratoconus and Post Lasik Ectasia
  • Refits from other leading designs
  • When soft Keratoconus lenses are no longer adequate


Materials:All RGP materials available
Base curve4.30mm – 8.50mm in 0.05mm steps
Diameter8.00mm – 10.40mm in 0.10mm steps
BVP+20.00 to -25.00D in 0.25D steps
Edge profileStandard, increased, decreased

Fitting Guide

Selecting base curve
  • 0.20 mm steeper than the mean K reading
Selecting diameter
  • Standard diameter is 8.70mm
  • Use a larger diameter if the lens is riding low
  • Use a smaller diameter if the lens is riding high
Assessing the fit
  • Wait for 2-minutes after fluorescein installation to allow the pattern to form
Ideal fit
  • Light feather touch at the apex, annulus of fluorescein then mid-peripheral bearing
Flat fit
  • If there is excessive apical bearing steepen the fit until it just clears the apex
Steep fit
  • Excessive clearance will reduce the visual acuity
  • Flatten the BOZR until feather touch can be seen
To order
  • Use 1D steps to achieve best spherical over-refraction adjusted for BVD, lens diameter and BOZR of best fitting trial lens