Comfort 15

From - £59.28

Comfort 15 is the contact lens for ECPs looking for an easy to fit, low-cost alternative to more complex miniscleral designs. Comfort 15 offers excellent initial comfort whilst providing outstanding visual acuity – it’s easy for patients to handle, too.


When to use

  • First fit KC, PMD, Post Graft, Post Lasik Ectasia patients
  • RGP lens wearers wanting better comfort
  • Soft lens wearers wanting improved vision
  • Patients with mild to moderate dry eye
  • Patients with high cyls


Materials:Optimum Extra (Roflufocon D) – Blue & Clear
Sag3400 to 5100μm in 20μm micron steps
BVP+25.00 to – 25.00 in 0.25D steps
Wearing scheduleDaily
Lens CareCleaning solutions for soft lenses, No7 recommends Oté Sensation & Oté Clean

Fitting Guide

Find the correct depth of lens
  •  Determine the fitting lens that gives correct sagittal depth

Allow the lens to settle
  •  Ideally the lens should be allowed to settle for 60 minutes. If there is bearing, increase the depth of the lens before continuing

Assess the edge
  •  If the edge of the lens appears tight, order with the flat edge option

Perform an over-refraction
  •  Perform a spherical over refraction. Consider over-specs if there is residual cyl

Assess limbal clearance
  •  If there is not a clear band of clearance in the mid-periphery /limbus then a small amount of reverse curve (2.5D in the first instance) is required to lift the lens offthe area

  • In addition, a reverse geometry lens can be ordered for oblate eyes

Fine tune the sag
  •  You may add extra sag or decrease the sag in 20 micron steps up to 100 microns 


Order the lens
  •  Order the lens stating the lens sag and power. Also state if you require any reverse curve or changes to the edge